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Traditional Lifeways: Gathering

The diversity of plant life in the Upper Kuskokwim Region of interior Alaska offers the unique opportunity for K-12 students to learn traditional activities while integrating the math and science skills necessary to protect the health of the community and the natural environment.

The Traditional Lifeways Curriculum: Gathering combines active participation with elders in gathering regional plants and learning their uses with modern scientific knowledge. The unit-based lessons and activities enable students to understand the importance of traditional culture and values while using the scientific method and technology to achieve a balance between current need and preserving plant populations for future generations.

The wisdom of the elders teaches respect for plants, taking only what is needed, leaving plants behind in order to regenerate. Unit activities cover: the why and what we gather, village topography, berry identification, use and medicinal values and tree identification, uses and value.

There are abundant pictures and photographs for identification, maps and graphs.
The curriculum meets the Alaska State Content Standards and the Standards for Culturally responsive schools.

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