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Cultural Preservation Brochures

Telida Village Council developed a series of subsistence brochures under a grant provided by the EPA’s Indian General Assistance Program, that contributes towards keeping tribal members healthy and the environment clean for future generations, fulfilling the IGAP’s objective to reduce risk to human health and the environment.

Gathering Pants In the Upper Kuskokwim – Provides information on many of the plants gathered in the region and their possible uses, such as, for food, shelter or medicinal purposes.


Trapping in the Upper Kuskokwim – Is a resource for learning about traditional and current methods of trapping, the animals trapped, those used for food and clothing or those only made into clothing.


Moose Hunting – Describes the preferred moose as fat, because of its nutritional value and quality of meat, the use of a rifle with a scope, hunting conditions, methods of calling out and moose habitat.


Bird Hunting – Contains useful facts about which waterfowl and game birds are hunted and which are avoided, the type of shotgun used, where and when to hunt and how a bird is used.


Salmon, Staple of the Athabascan – Provides descriptions of the different species of Pacific salmon, the methods of harvesting, the sites most used and the conditions of the water.


Non-Salmon Fish of the Kuskokwim – An account of the eight species of non-salmon fish which live in the rivers of the region, along with their range, habitat and methods of retrieval.


Traditional Foods – Coming Soon!