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While it is perfectly possible to type Dinak’i using an ordinary keyboard layout, some users may prefer the convenience of a specialized keyboard layout which groups multi-character letters under a single key. Interested users may download a keyboard layout below.

For those who prefer make use of an ordinary keyboard, only two special charactes are required: lowercase barred-l, ł, and uppercase barred-L, Ł.

  • In Windows, if you are using Microsoft Word you can add a shortcut key for ł and Ł from the symbol method. You can allow press alt+0141 or alt+0142 to type these characters from any program.
  • In Mac OS first enable the US Extended Keyboard in System Preferences. To type ł enter option-l followed by l. To type Ł enter option-l followed by L.

Download fonts here: 

Dinak'i Keyboard Layout


• Each letter of the Dinak’i orthography has been given its own key.
• Glottalized consonants can be typed two ways:
Using the Shift key: Shift+r produces ts’
Using the Apostrophe key: r+’ produces ts’
• Capital letters typed by holding down the Right-Alt or Option key.
• The capital Ch is typed Right-Alt+c (Windows) Options+c (Mac)