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Traditional Lifeways: Moose Hunting

“MOOSE HUNTING in the Upper Kuskokwim Region of Interior Alaska,” for students K-12 is a treasure trove of information including historic traditions and modern techniques used in moose hunting today. By learning cultural knowledge through active participation with the elders, and mathematical and scientific principles the students will be better equipped to address human health and environmental issues.

The curriculum contains; pictures, diagrams and traditional moose hunting stories with Native language and English translations, descriptions of moose, their habitat and behavior, and abundant resources of information, maps, charts and photographs.

Students are encouraged to participate in activities lead by elders from their village, which teach the differences in hunting moose today verses in years past. Elders are asked to share their knowledge of traditional and modern weapons, reading moose tracks, butchering, uses of moose meat and skin and the cultural value of moose.

The units cover: Historic Moose Hunting in the Upper Kuskokwim, Tools for Hunting Moose, When and How to Hunt Moose, Uses of Moose and the Importance of Moose.
This resource meets the Alaska Education Standards for Math and Science and the Guidelines for Culturally Responsive Schools.

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